New Job….AGAIN! How did this happen!

Well, this is why I have been catching up! Hence the need for 3 posts in one day! Like I have said previously, I could not find anything that helped me in anyway on to know what to do after University. And it came to my realisation that I have been very fortunate!

My parents have let me live rent free (I did offer) but I do help them out. Now I will be able to help them out even more. I have been offered a permanent position at a luxury foods factory. I start in a few weeks. It is full time and i don’t have to work weekends! IDEAL! Ok. Its just a production line and ok it does feel like a downgrade from a supermarket in some ways. But it is full time hours and 5 days a week. It is minimum wage so less money than a supermarket would pay its employees but because it is full time it adds up. I only applied on the Friday had my interview on the Thursday and by the following Tuesday I had the job! Talk about rapid! Only downside was that I have had to hand in my resignation and management didn’t seem too impressed and I will miss my colleagues and team although my new job is round the corner (kind of)….. Although, I was on a temporary contract, and they failed to even notice that it had expired the same day I found out I had a new job. I only applied on the off chance I would get it, I didn’t think I would, but I did. Trick is to just apply otherwise, you will never know. You call the shots in your life, don’t try to keep others happy if it jeopardises your happiness. Lets hope this isn’t the wrong move for more money….watch this space!

(Also, excuse the grammar and spellings, as you can guess I have been out of writing practice for months! Except for CV’s and cover letter’s)


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