What do I do now?

As a graduate I have found it difficult to find a real calling in life. When it first began to dawn on me that University was really not for me I was already nearing the end of my second year. I was struggling but scrapping passes, which was good right? I was at a good University, even a 2:2 would suffice? Wrong! In the end I narrowly missed out on my aim of getting a 2:2 and ended up with a 3rd class honours. What was even worse is that the University I had decided to study at back in 2011 was slowly declining in terms of credibility as a renowned institution. So now i have degree. What the hell was I suppose to do with that? My parents had bragged about how clever I was and how I was going to be successful one day, but it wasn’t for me. I just didn’t want to do it. I was stuck. I began researching different paths to follow do I do a masters at a really low level University? Do I do a course in something? No, not yet, I am fed up of learning and I couldn’t afford it, why waste money you don’t have on something you may or may not enjoy. My only choice I decided was to get a job, some money and go from there. If I do decide to try something academic in the future after the failure of Uni, then I have that option. I carried on researching. I hate not having an aim in life! There was nothing on the internet that seemed to appeal to me. Nothing was there to help me. You see all these forums and ideas but all seemed to say “Graduate Schemes”, “Minimum 2:2 required”, “Must have relevant qualifications”. Well that’s me buggered. Ok “What to do if you don’t get what you wanted in your degree?” There were so many hits for this but mainly from people who missed out on 2:1’s, there were very few like my self who missed out on 2:2’s and even fewer who did not graduate at all. Why was I such a failure in life? The forums I did find were either replies saying “Don’t worry I did the same….” Ok care to elaborate, what did you do next? Show me the way? Or stuck up replies ” Well maybe if you had worked harder in your degree, like I did then you wouldn’t be in this position, its your own fault!” Great! Really what I wanted to hear right now! After University I moved back in with my parents in the countryside like many graduates do and I did find a job. It took me about 3 months to find one that firstly, hired me and gave me the job and second that offered enough hours to warrant travelling to, from the rural setting I now inhabit. So don’t give up! Just move in with relatives or friends don’t try to compete with others who have graduated and now have this amazing job in the city. Just go your own way and things will start falling in to place. You are not alone.


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