New to Blogging….

As someone new to blogging I am going to apologise if this is going to be an absolute disaster of mismatched thoughts. I have had the usual updates from word press with suggestions on what to do to improve my blog. One suggestion was to link it with my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I decided not to for now only because this feels like a release to express my thoughts and maybe opinions. I used to be a confronting type but now I shy away from confrontation more and more. I don’t want to explain myself to people I went to school or university with, especially as I was a politics student, and I have many opinionated “friends”. I am also very embarrassed and appalled at my inability to write grammatically correct sentences (I am not very good at reading through and checking either).  Even my boyfriend does not know where this blog is, well for now! He keeps trying to find it by googling my name awks! I really don’t like people I know reading or seeing my work. Also, my parents are on social media, I don’t want them to read everything I write! Is that wrong? Well, I am blogging about random things and nothing to do with a life adventure, if I was travelling I would share my posts, but I am not so why should I? I like having people read it so they can look at it in a way that doesn’t judge (too much), and can relate to.

Hope you don’t mind my mismatch jumble of thoughts. Happy Blogging!


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