Why I hated my degree!

I was a joint honours student Psychology and Politics wooohooo! Well known good university as well wow! Well, during my A-levels I struggled to do some of the courses I had taken, I had taken them in hopes of pursuing a career in law. I took Law and English, both for that reason, French in hopes I could find a job easier having a second language, and finally Politics for a bit of fun. I was not very good at Law but loved the Criminology side and English I was even worse at, having been good in high school. The french teacher I hated (I went to a different high school to sixth form college) and did not want to do and dropped that after first year, having really loved it before! Politics I loved, I adored and was also good at it! When it came round to doing UCAS I was looking for courses I would enjoy. Having read you should choose the A-levels you would enjoy rather than aiming for a career, like I had done, I decided to apply the same principle to University course. BIG MISTAKE!

Politics at University is very different, I loved it but it was all knowledge based in College, at Uni it was essay based and how you write not necessarily what you know. If you wanted to be brave and write a contradicting essay to the lecturer you can expect lower marks! I finally got the hang of this but felt I was lying to myself most of the time.

Psychology I did enjoy it, it was very interesting. However, I could not do it, I could do the very science based questions involving stats but I did not understand them. When I found out I had to do a dissertation in psychology, I frantically tried to drop it and do straight Politics, or do my dissertation in Politics. But as I was just about to complete my second year, I couldn’t I had “done too many modules outside each department.” I was screwed! I ended up doing a diss I did not enjoy, with a tutor I hated and who I found no help, as my diss was in the end not my original idea!

I did very bad in my degree because the psychology pulled me down, and looking back I could have worked harder, but at the time I was stressed and when I am stressed I shut down and can’t function! I also, have no aim in life in terms of not knowing what I want to do! Don’t take a degree because you love it and are good at it! Choose your degree in terms of getting a job after, and with high career prospects. Good luck, please don’t make the same mistakes I have made!


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