First real full time job…language barriers? What?

Well I have been in work for 3 days now and its going well I am getting the hang of it. The early mornings are still a killer but I hope it will get easier with time and practice. The work itself is tedious and repetitive, which is fine but I tend to get a bad back from it…nothing major more like an annoying niggle, but ho hum got to man up and deal with it. Its money at the end of the day. What I am struggling with about having a basic job, apart from that the money isn’t going to make me a millionaire, it’s that the people I predominantly work with are Polish, and not many speak English. I don’t mind it and I am not going to be one of those snobby British people about it, saying “why are they here if they can’t speak the language,” “bloody foreigners,” etc etc. I don’t know whether you heard or have read that the reason the UK economy is so great is, because of the migrant work force. Meaning we have to pay extra money to the EU (call me a Euro Sceptic but, the EU is bad on so many levels, good for working abroad and allowing hard workers over here to make up for the people who refuse to work, good for free market economy etc but not much else…I could go on).

Anyway, the people I work with are hard workers they get things done and they are attempting to help me learn despite the language barrier. Of course there are a few who do the bare minimum, and turn their nose up at you just because you are British, but most of them are great and we can have stuttered conversations, which is nice. The only issue is that,  with my colleagues and the supervisor being Polish and I am not sure the supervisor speaks English at all or just chooses not to, but he will bark orders in Polish and my colleagues will scatter and disappear, and I won’t know what I am doing next. I have found that just following them like a little lost lamb works just as well. Of course there are British people who work there and they are all really nice including the managers, but none of them are usually there to talk to me because they are assigned to different tasks. But I think this is a great experience, its like a working holiday in a different country, except its 15min drive away from my own bed.

I have a DILEMMA! I want to learn Polish in order to speak to some of my team and show them I care and am not ignorant. However, I mentioned my idea to a couple of British coworkers who thought it wasn’t a good idea and, I suppose the thought of learning a language so you can get along better at work in your own country sounds bizarre. They also mentioned that you may not want to hear their conversations especially if they happen to talk about you, VERY TRUE! So do I learn some phrases and words which could lead to me hearing something I don’t want to hear? Do I just keep being oblivious to what’s going on? I mean, I have a Polish friend from University, who is awesome and I could ask her for some help (my language app is no use) so learning it is no real problem. But, do I do it? May just learn the basics and see what happens! Anyway early start again tomorrow, so even though it is only 7.20pm I am ready for bed, na night!


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