Week 2

Well week one was hectic and tiring, every shift I am on my feet, and its rapid getting things down the production line but so worth it. Knowing I have money coming in to my account, and not relying on the government like so many graduates, even if it is minimum wage, there is something about working an honest day. I would highly recommend it! Get a job, any job, and treat it like a stop job. Today was suppose to be my “lucky day,” according to my fortune cookie from the weekend….not sure what to believe. Today was pretty average I did my food hygiene test (fingers cross for a pass, it was so obvious that it was easy to make a mistake), but I did get a phone call from a graduate scheme agency however,¬†when I called back (I have been on the course all day) it went to answer phone. This particular job did not mention grade and its sales! It sounds quite fun. Although, I read a forum saying this particular company call you no matter what then tell you, you are not suitable and waste your time. But today was my “lucky day” is that a good sign? Probably not I am feeling a bit demoralised.

I like many graduates are just bidding their time, seeing if their current job will provide progression opportunities or if the countless applications they keep filling out will result in something. Please, please, please. I am starting to worry that the fire in my belly determined to succeed, determined to do well, ready for a challenge, will actually go out if someone doesn’t give me something applicable to my experiences as a job. Although, I am grateful for a job and enjoying having money I myself have earned, I am ready for something that isn’t very basic. I want to use the degree I have for something, so its not a waste of money. I mean I probably could have worked harder at my degree, but I wouldn’t have had any money to live off (not just socially, but for food and rent) and I guess this experience gives me something that many who got 2.1 and 1sts do not have. I have experience actually working with different people, people from all walks of life. I got a taste of the REAL working world before I graduated. I got to deal with balancing different things ready for proper adulthood. I guess you have to look at the positives in life when you are in the same position as me, or any position that you know will be a struggle. I am trying to be optimistic, its all you can do, you have to pick yourself up. Good Luck.